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This natural lake covers an area of 386 hectares representing about 4% of the watershed which covers 9557 hectares. It is part of the Blanche River water network.
The lake has a maximum length of 6.8 kilometres, a maximum width of 0.8 kilometers and resembles an inverted "T".
The watershed of Lac St-Pierre de Wakefield is made up of thirty five lakes of which the most important are: McMullin, Marcle, Clair, de l'Ecluse and Newcambo. These lakes are drained by the Blanche River that enters the South West Bay of Lac St-Pierre. Lake St-Pierre flows almost immediately into Lac MacArthur eventually reaching a number of lakes including Grand, du Barrage, petit du Barrage, McGregor and finally reaching the Ottawa River.
The perimeter of the lake is quite large and is almost completely inhabited except for the south-west section which has a high escarpment. The north-east shore is principally clay loam and is relatively flat. The rest of lakeshore is made up of sandy loam with abundant rocks.

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