What's Happening in Peterborough this Month? - May, 2015

1) Road Work Throughout the City

The city is slated for some major road repairs this year. Brealey Drive, in the city’s West end, from North of Stenson Boulevard (Fleming college entrance) to South of Lansdowne Street, will be closed from Monday, May 4th, through to November of 2015 with the final touches expected to continue into 2016. Improvements include new surfacing, curbs, bike lanes and storm drainage systems, which will almost certainly improve traffic flow through that stretch of the city. Also on this year’s agenda are significant improvements for Ashburnham Drive, from Lansdowne Street to Maria. Work there is already underway and will include improvements similar to those currently underway on Brealey Drive. Long-awaited plans for Parkhill Road, from Wallis Drive West to the City’s limit, are also scheduled to kick off in the near future. Plans include similar improvements, but are projected to chew up three seasons to complete. Click here for more information.


2) Developer abandons plans for $90-million sports complex on Lansdowne Street

If dramatics and attention was what Developer and President of the Navigator Guiding Real Estate Development group John MacDonald was after, he was certainly successful. But that’s where the vision halted, at least for now. Mr. MacDonald had previously proposed a $90-million dollar Kawartha Centre sports complex to be built at the corner of Clonsilla and Lansdowne, taking up a previously acquired 22.5 acre portion of the existing Kawartha Golf and Country club. The vision included an expanded sports complex for both the Lakers and Petes, as well as a platform for large scale concerts and entertainment for the City. The location would certainly be ideal in terms and traffic and pedestrian flow, but established roots and presence in other city locations seems to have foiled the plan. City Council met on Monday, April 27th and determined that either Trent University or Fleming College should be the only possible destinations for such a sports complex. Mr. MacDonald and his organization believe that the complex would be best positioned on the busy city corner, and have since abandoned their plans at the location. They are presently focusing on alternatives for the location. Either way, improving on the city’s passionate sports culture, including it’s associated infrastructure, seems to be a hot topic these days. See the original article here. Click here for the updated details following the City Council’s meeting and ultimate decision on Monday, April 27th.


3) Scouts Plant Trees to Give Back

Scouts, cubs and beavers alike turned up at the Dreossi farm this past weekend to help restore the lands to what they once were, an inspiring and admirable move by the owners. "We started planting trees five years ago to give back to the land," Mr. Dreossi says. "We want to get the trees and animals back and to give these kids an opportunity to get away from their keyboards." Over 4800 trees were planted on the 60 acre farm this past weekend, with 6000 being planted the year before. All steps in the right direction if you ask me! Click here for the link.

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