Staying Healthy As We Head Into Flu Season

I felt this post was necessary as we are now heading into Flu Season and so many people around me are already sick and I'm trying to avoid being added to that list. It's hard to perform in your tip top shape when you are running on an empty tank. 

To stick with the theme of our lovely office, here are 21 tips to keep you and your loved ones healthy throughout this fall and winter season.




Avoid Your Eyes

This is a tough one to avoid, but touching your eyes is a sure way to introduce bacteria into your system. This is probably the hardest one to avoid. It’s a natural reaction to wipe our eyes if we feel like something is in them and if we haven’t recently washed our hands, who knows what may be introduced into our body’s.


Wash Your Paws

This one is simple, Wash your hands often and wash them right! It is said as well that patting your hands dry is best to prevent them from getting flaky and allowing germs in. Make sure to moisturize as well to prevent cracks and splits which will allow germs in easily.


Break the Habit

Biting fingernails is a habit of so many people. For those “Nail Biters” out there, do what it takes to drop this habit. the undersides of finger nails are breeding grounds for bacteria.


Call It A Day

Even though I am known to break my own guidelines, 8 hours of sleep a day is important to stimulate your body’s immune system as well as repair your cells. Sleep is one of the most reliable defenses against infection. Feeling like you might be “coming down” with something? Skip the NETFLIX and go to bed early and give your body what it needs!


Give Your Nose Some Love

Doing a daily nasal rinse with a saline solution is a fantastic way to flush out viruses and bacteria. Whether it be a Netti Pot, Bulb Syringe, or my personal favorite, Hydra Sense with Eucalyptus, these will leave your sinuses feeling refreshed.


Don’t Talk Dirty

Cell Phones are a significant source of germs and bacteria. We place them on many unsanitary surfaces as well as use them after touching elevator buttons, railings, etc. Wiping your phone down with sanitizing wipes regularly prevents germs getting near your face and mouth.


Avoid Enemy Airspace

When walking past a person who is sneezing or coughing, exhale slowly as you pass by beyond the 6-10 foot zone around them. This prevents inhaling the immediate air that is contaminated around him or her.


Get What You Knead

Receiving massages increase circulation, which boosts immune function by nourishing cells with oxygen and blood. This also reduces stress, which further adds to immune functionality.


Release Bad Energy

Taking a yoga class, or doing other forms of meditation or relaxation techniques help to calm your nerves as well as release stress. As we all know, stress is a huge player to your immune system’s function, or therefore lack of.


Sweat It Out

Sweating releases toxins built up in your skin; the largest organ of your body. By using a dry Sauna, or doing what it takes to get your heart rate up enough to sweat, your body releases built up toxins. Hot Yoga is great option!


Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Try not to use public water fountains or railings as they are loaded with bacteria and germs from people passing by. They are handy no doubt, but one of the most neglected surfaces to be cleaned.


Feel The Burn and Smell The Flowers

Oil of Oregano is a great quick shot that gets your immune pumping and burns bacteria from your throat. Try to swirl it around your mouth as well to kill bacteria. If you can’t handle the burn, flush it down with some water and honey. Lavender essential oil is a good sanitizer for your hands, as well, it smells fantastic!


Start Juicing

Juicing the nutrients out of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to give your immune a significant boost! Kale, Broccoli, Apple, Swiss Chard, Lemon, Mint, etc. are all great bases to juice with. By juicing you can hit your daily fresh fruit and vegetable requirements very easily!


Just Zinc It

Zinc can help relieve symptoms of sickness faster as well as boost your immune functionality. Best part is, if you don’t like swallowing pills, you can buy fruit flavored lozenges with zinc.


Green Tea

Green tea with lemon and honey has many benefits. Green tea itself is a good antioxidant, while lemon thins mucus, and honey is antibacterial!


Eat Your Clean, Healthy Proteins

Diets with too little protein can actually deplete your immune system’s functionality. Eating diets rich in protein, especially clean sources (fish, eggs, natural Greek yogurts) can help give you a boost


Have Your Own Pen

Bring your own pen with you to the bank, grocery story or wherever you may need to use one. Having your own pen prevents you from having to use the bacteria ridden ones provided for you which I’m sure are never sanitized....ever.


Sanitize Office Space

If your office’s cleaning crew doesn’t already, its worth mentioning to have them clean and sanitize all commonly touched surfaces (microwaves, fridge handles, door knobs, elevator buttons, armrests on chairs etc)


Germs Love Gyms

While many people go to the gym to get healthy, the opposite may in fact, be true.  It’s very important to note that gyms are crawling with bacteria and germs all over the equipment. A good practice is to bring a clean towel in with you to lay over equipment, as well, wipe down equipment you touch with antibacterial wipes before you use them.


Lose the Booze 

Even in the middle of Wine country, this is still a number one way to stay healthy through this winter. Alcohol interferes with sleep quality and can disrupt REM sleep. This weakens your immune system making you more susceptible to catching a bug.


Clean your Brushes

For you ladies out there, Make up brushes that are used around your mouth and eyes, and often shared amongst friends in a pinch, should be cleaned as well with alcohol wipes to ensure there are no lingering germs waiting to crawl inside.


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