Letting Go And Moving Forward

There is wisdom in the term letting go that is relevant to many personal and business situations.  Attempting to control the outcomes of situations in an ever-changing and demanding business is beyond anyone’s sphere.    

For me personally, letting go does not translate into relinquishing control or being less accountable. When older and wiser friends tell me to “let go and let God…” I was uncertain about what this meant. I am an outcomes-based business person; one who sees the buying and selling process through from beginning to end while welcoming the inherent challenges.

As one of four siblings in a highly competitive family, goal setting and independence were instilled in us from an early age by a mother who exemplified these qualities and lived them.

At the onset of 2013, I reviewed and evaluated how letting go and embracing change through goal setting and preparedness, has become a vehicle to new understandings about myself and my direction in business. Be prepared for changing markets, changing personal and business relationships, let go of the past but remember to set goals and plan ahead.

Joy Humphrey

Joy Humphrey

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