Not A School Reunion But A Town Reunion

This past Thanksgiving weekend was the 10th anniversary of our town reunion. The first celebration was in October 1999.

It was unlike other reunions: This was a reunuion of a town of English and French speaking people who grew up in the same town located on the south shore of Montreal. On the way to the Easytern Townships are the towns of Richelieu and Chambly. Strangely enough we were not divided by language but rather a river. The mighty Richelieu welcomed Champlain and the Iroquois throught he rapids into the Chambly Basin.

Some 40 years later we all look the same just 40 years older but still wanting to laugh and dance and stay until the end of the fight. So, 150 of us gathered at the old church hall in Chambly. The tables are long and narrow and everyone is squished together, without complaints of someone's thighs beinginyour face, especially if you had a crush on them in your teens.

having been at the first reunion in 1999, the band having preacticed for for 10 years, are better. Changes have occurred in some of the group. There are two members that persist in their own improvement and encourage those join with them and continue to practice their instrument. It seems an unlikely way to give back because  the musicians are playing because they really like being musicians and on stage. The best part is that through their love we get to love one another.

Unlike 10 years ago the smokers mst go outside on the front step of the hall on a cold fall night to light up and talk about when we were....

Upon refelction my "I got it " moment was how each of us that touched one another have walked our walk yet chose to make the effort to be in attendance, laugh and be thankful we can still make the dance floor.

Joy Humphrey

Joy Humphrey

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