A Little Life Lesson

Here's a little lesson on culture, communication and perspective, among other things.  There's little nuggets of wisdom in nearly everything out there, as long as we're looking. 

No matter what, people are people, whether you reside in Southern Ontario or the deep Southern States, and its all in the approach and knowing your audience.  We're not so different, eh? 

They have Mississippi, and we have Mississauga, but thanks to world trade, we both have WalMart...and seeing that we both love to make fun of each other, I figured it would be appropriate to share this HILARIOUS sample of Southern American advertising with all of my readers.  And what a way to "Git R Done".  Here you have it.  A classy representation for sure.

If you have a house to sell, I will get the word out for you.  I can't say I've tried this vehicle before, but I'm open to change.  Pretty creative, I have to say, and as long as you're putting ridiculously expensive gas in the tank anyway, you might as well kill two birds with one stone. 

This photo was shared with me today by one of my funniest and funnest (yes, that is a word, in Mississippi anyway) clients.  She knows who she is!  Gotta love it.  

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