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We really do have an international presence with Century 21, and I believe that networking with other Realtors is one of the most valuable tools we have.  Why is that?  Because in networking, everyone wins -- the Realtors and their clients, buyers and sellers alike.

This past weekend, I traveled to the west side of the state of Michigan to attend a wedding.  While there, I slipped away for an hour to meet with a couple of fellow Realtors over a cup of coffee.  Because I enjoy my business, it didn't feel at all like work.  :) 

The owners of my brokerage here in Ontario had met these ladies before I did, as they all attended a conference together recently.  Who would have known that I had some personal connections in the same small town where these ladies sell real estate?  Small world.  

How exciting it was for me to meet new people, especially those who share my love for our company and my passion for real estate.  We even share some of the same challenges, even though we are trading in two different markets.  I learned that not all of the USA is suffering, like they did in other parts of the country.  In fact, there are certain parts of the Michigan lakeshore that are doing quite well.  Good to hear!  Of course, it's always fun to share our marketing ideas with one another and look for ways we can support one another in the business.

Before leaving the office, I snapped this photo.  It's a float that was to be a part of a parade the next day.  Oh, how I love festivities!

Grand Haven, Michigan is the official U.S. Coast Guard City.

The U.S. Coast Guard Parade was held there on Saturday, August 7, 2010.

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