Another Romantic Night at the Symphony

In terms of weather, last night was pretty gross.  It's kind of tempting to sit inside instead of going out when it's like that.  But, we couldn't sit at home when we had tickes to the Symphony!

Earlier in the day, we received an email from the Symphony informing us of a few important things to know.  I'm copying their message for you, just in case you are considering attending tonight's special event Lefevre's Romantic Discovery:

  • The parking lot at the Centre in the Square is currently under construction.  KWS pre-paid parking vouchers will be accepted at the Centre In The Square lot, as well as the new lot under the Library.  Other garages available include the garage at Duke and Ontario or the Regional garage, but these do not accept pre-paid vouchers.  Please leave lots of time to find parking.  
  • Please be advised that Frederick Street is currently ONE WAY going West from Bruce to Lancaster due to construction.  The entrance to Otto Street from Frederick is also closed. Please plan your route accordingly.

So, not only was it raining, but getting to the Symphony was to be a challenge, and then the matter of parking once we got there.  Had the weather been nice and warm like it was the night before, a stroll to the Centre in the Square from one of the nearby side streets would have been a joy but not this night.

Sometimes I get incredible ideas, and when I hit the jackpot, I like to pat myself on the back and then blog about it.  I know this isn't genius, but it's something we've never done.  I decided we should call a cab.  They were at our house in two minutes and we were at our destination in another five.  For once, we weren't rushing in the door because we failed to realize how long it would take us to find parking.  You might not be quite as close as we are to Downtown Kitchener, but it still may be worth a few bucks in taxi fare to beat weather and the traffic.

Anyway, about the Symphony event.  It felt very Canadian, French-Canadian to be exact. 

The guest conductor Jean-Philippe Tremblay was fabulous.  He's young and energetic, and has conducted for special events such as the 2010 World Fair in Shanghai, as well as for many other orchestras all over North America and Europe. 

Alain Lefevre, the guest pianist was out of this world.  He wasn't quite as young, but he was just as energetic.  I often categorize musicians into the disciplined ones and the ones with heart.  I think that's because I was stuck with an awful piano teacher when I was younger who was a "Just the facts, Maam" kind of person.  She didn't really care if I liked the song or not.  All she wanted to know is how much did I practice it.  Enough with my unresolved issues.  What I am trying to say is that Mr. Lefevre was very focussed in his performance last night, and boy, did he play with passion.  At one point, he quietly and perfectly ended one of the pieces with his head up and eyes closed, as if he were there playing just for himself and the piano, almost forgetting that he had an audience.  He is that at ease on the stage.  Lefevre has played in 40 countries and won a JUNO Award in 2010.  I'm not surprised, not in the least.

If you are wondering what type of music would be heard if you were to attend tonight, I'd say that you may not hear anything you've ever heard before (I didn't recognize anything), but it is all incredible, some upbeat and some downright soothing.  This concert is part of the Signature series, which means that it is classical.  The pieces performed were by the following composers; Edvard Grieg, Andre Mathieu, Gilles Bellemare and Jean Sibelius.

On a funny note...there was a big burst of applause at just the wrong moment last night.  Some of the diehard Symphony attenders were probably thinking "Goodness, don't those people know that the applause is to be held until the end of the final movement?"  And the people clapping probably thought "Goodness, what's wrong with everyone else?  That performance was amazing and deserves some good claps!"  And I thought "Goodness, I'm so glad that there is some fresh blood out enjoying the Symphony!" 

If you aren't a regular at the Symphony, won't you join in tonight? 

HINT:  If you aren't sure when to applaud, pause for one moment and only join in enthusiastically when the majority of the crowd is clapping.  You may even give a standing ovation like we did we did last night.

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