Canadian Brass a Hit

What a weekend!  We fed about 85 people last night at our fundraiser dinner, and it was an amazing evening!  I could have slept in until Noon today because I'm in pain from being on my feet for so many hours yesterday.  But, instead I hit the road.  I met with a client in Ayr at 10:30 this morning, then did a showing out there, and then onto Elmira for a 12:45pm showing. 

After work, it was onto the Symphony.  The concert started at 2:30pm.  Not much time in between each appointment today, that's for sure (and other than a latte, my tummy was empty).  I called Roger to ask him to run out to the car when I pull up and bring some cheese and crackers with him.  After finally finding a parking space and running inside, I was out of breath...probably about as out of breath as I would be if I played a brass instrument like these guys...but boy, did they play with ease!!

From Gershwin to Duke Ellington, these guys had it covered.  Five men...two on trumpet, one on French horn, another on slide trombone and the oldest of the group on tuba...and all absolutely amazing!  The Canadian Brass; not only are they talented, but they have excellent stage presence, quite the sense of humour AND to top it all off, great sense of style (they were all in dark suits with white tennis shoes).

Some of our favourites were "Summertime" and "When the Saints Go Marching In".  I felt like I was in New Orleans.  I think the people behind us enjoyed it, too, because I heard them say "Mmm" after every piece.  It really was incredible! 

The only sad thing was that the seats weren't completely filled because I hate to think that people who could have gone this afternoon weren't there to enjoy such great entertainment.  But, the good news is, there's another show tonight and there's still tickets available.

So, if your evening is free, go to KWSymphony and get your tickets for the 8pm show.  There's 2.5 hours left, so get off your you know what and go hear some Brass! 

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