Clearing the Decks

I have been reading "Room Rescues: Decorating Solutions for Every Room in your Home" by Jane Burdon.  She addressed de-cluttering in the intro of her book, and it's very well put.  Read on...

Clutter does no favours to any interior, and it can compound the problems of an awkward space.  Start your room makeover with a clean slate by sorting through surplus furniture and little-used belongings.  Take a leaf out of the book of Arts and Crafts designer William Morris and "have nothing in your house that you not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."  Donate unwanted items to charity or raise cash and have some fun with a garage sale.

If you can't decide whether or not to let particular possessions go, try the cardboard box technique.  Pack everything you are unsure about in a box and leave it in a garage or attic for six months.  If you don't miss any of the items, you will know that it is time to part company with them.  Keep remaining keepsakes fresh by rotating displays regularly.  Paper clutter can be kept under control by paying bills promptly or setting up accounts online.  Place a good-looking filing tray and a wastepaper basket near places where you open mail, and empty both before they are ready to overflow.  A good clear-out will make you feel on top of things and allow you to address your problem room with a clear head. 

This final line is my addition to the text...

Without a doubt, de-cluttering your house will help it sell faster! 

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