Florida Real Estate Exploration Tour: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Why a group tour instead of on your own?

Obviously, many people travel to Florida every year on their own, so it's not that it can't be done.  But, if you ask most people why they travel to a particular area, chances are it's because "so and so" said it was nice.  In the dead of winter when the snow is piling up around here, most places down south feel pretty nice.  If you were to walk into a real estate office while vacationing in Florida, you would likely meet someone who knows their particular area well and would no doubt be happy to tell you all about the benefits of living there and why they choose to reside there.  That doesn't necessarily mean it would be the best spot for you.  It usually takes more than the perspective of one Realtor in a particular area to help a serious buyer find the right place.  Traveling throughout the state will help you to make comparisons and draw your own conclusions as to what is truly important to you and what would make the most sense for you and your particular situation.

Other benefits of taking this route?

The idea of referring buyers to a Realtor in another area is nothing new; actually taking buyers and introducing them in person is.  If you are contemplating investing in Florida real estate, consider this:  You can either handle this investment on your own, get a referral from an agent here in Canada (who may or may not actually have met or spent any time with the agent they are referring you to), or book a tour with someone who has personally pre-screened each brokerage in Florida to ensure that this group of travelers will be handled with care and class.  If you book this tour, and we hope that you do, you are in for a treat because you will be hosted by someone who is a licensed real estate salesperson in Canada and also happens to have the experience of living, working and traveling extensively throughout the state of Florida for many years, as well as firsthand knowledge of the group tour industry.  A winning combination for this particular venture!  Travel arrangements are being booked through one of Waterloo's best and most well respected travel agencies, Goliger's TravelPlus.

Are there any hidden costs, fees or obligations?

The Cost, Inclusions and Exclusions are all laid out in the brochure and website.  As to obligations, there are no expectations of the travelers to purchase a home or to work with any particular Realtor.  However, if a home purchase results from this tour, the tour host (Julie D. Martin, Sales Representative of Century 21 Home Realty Inc., 4169 King Street East, Kitchener, Ontario) will be paid 25% of the commission earned by the Florida brokerage introduced to the tour participants.  A contract exists between Century 21 Home Realty Inc. and the participating brokerages in Florida, with the understanding that those participating in this tour are aware of this arrangement.  Keep in mind that the commissions for properties listed for sale are paid by the seller to the listing brokerage, and the listing brokerage in turn pays the brokerage representing the buyer (the cooperating brokerage), who will then share 25% of their commission with the referring brokerage.

What are the risks?

We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for your travel to Florida, and it is available through Goliger's TravelPlus.  We also highly recommend that you speak with qualified professionals here in Canada and in the United States prior to making any offer to purchase property.  You need to fully understand what it is you are getting into.  Given the situation with the American economy, there are many opportunities that look like "deals" to Canadians.  In order to ensure you understand what you are buying, we recommend that everything is properly reviewed and analyzed by professionals (i.e., Realtors, lawyers, accountants, home inspectors, etc.).  A pre-tour seminar will address some of the questions that buyers may have, and a list of professionals who know and understand the implications of a Canadian purchasing property in the United States will be provided.

Any other questions?

Please direct your specific question or concerns to Julie D. Martin at 519.580.3505 (direct).

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