Flying Buses in Waterloo Region???

Yes, Flying Buses!

This idea really HAS been pitched and by someone I know personally and greatly respect, Derek Satnik, policy leader for Community Renewable Energy Waterloo.  Derek is always thinking, and he comes up with some amazingly innovative ideas.  I think this is a great one!  It would cost us less and be better for the environment.

On a personal level, I would like to add that Derek is very caring and genuine.  My husband Roger and I went camping with a group of people a few years ago, and Derek and his wife Jackie brought their family as well.  Early in the morning, I heard Derek, one tent over from ours, reading a book with his curious little boy.  The little guy was at the age where he was full of questions.  Derek patiently answered every single one of them, and added "and you know why?", as he went on to tell him more, feeding his little mind.  How many parents get frustrated with all of the questions and decide not to tell the kid any more than they need to know?  Well, that is definitely less work, but it isn't the right thing to do.  That is why I believe some people never live up to their full potential, while others thrive.  Educating kids at a very young age, when they are asking for more information, is key in their development.  And you never know, they just might grow up to change our region and change our world.

Read the full article printed this week in The Record (and check out the awesome artist rendering of what this "flying bus" would look like!)

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