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We received an amazing gift recently and it got me thinking about how much better it is to Buy Local.  There are chocolates, and then there are chocolates.  

As a kid, I was happy with the waxy stuff that only kids think is good.  Then, as I got older, my taste became a bit more sophisticated (which is a fancy word for expensive).  

In recent years, I've really cut back on most refined sugar and have even watched my amount of natural sugar intake, but I have left a little place in my heart for good chocolate.  Why?  It is the one indulgence that I can enjoy from time to time because dark chocolate does have some health benefits.  If you didn't know this, you should.  :)

Well, this latest box of chocolates really got my attention. Pictured below is a box of chocolate that is not only delicious (to please the foodie in me), but also well-presented (to please the marketer in me).  And when something like this is set on your desk, it almost looks like a box of office supplies.  I mean, let's be honest, no one wants to look like a chocoholic to their co-workers.  This particular box is actually named Writer's Block and as you can tell, it has truly opened up my ability to write.  It's just downright inspirational.  Another benefit to it looking like an office supply is that it discourages people from eating it so you don't have to share.

All joking aside, this gorgeous display of chocolaty goodness hasn't been completely hoarded by yours truly. My hubby/partner in crime, Roger and our assistant, Tanya have also enjoyed a few bites.  And you know what?  It has inspired us to work away through one of the most bitterly cold weeks of the year.  There were 13 flavoured bars of varying darkness with a number of different ingredients (as you can see, there's only 2 left so I guess we'll have to duke it out, as there's 3 of us in the office today).  Roger loved the raspberry and I thought the ginger was pretty interesting.  Tanya said one of her bars was kind of spicy.  So, there is something for everyone.

If you haven't done your Valentine's shopping yet, what are you waiting for?  Check this place out.  It's located in the Kitchener Market.  Can't get any more local than that, and trust me, it doesn't get any more delicious, either.  Enjoy, and have a Happy Heart's Day!

Anna Tolazzi

Artisan Chocolates

Truly handmade with organic, Fair Trade and select single origin chocolates.

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