Looking for Multiple Offers?

Ahh...multiple offers.  This is the stuff Sellers dream of, but only skilled REALTORS® can grasp and handle like a pro. 

Why so?  Well, quite frankly, it can be tricky and nerve-wracking.  But, it's not insurmountable...it does go with the territory, especially in our area and in this HOT spring market.  Still, multiple offers are a whole different kind of animal than any other thing REALTORS® face.  It's just not as easy as it looks and it's certainly not for the faint of heart (nor for a rookie). 

So, that being said, Sellers, be careful what you wish for and make sure you're signed up with a pro who knows their way around the negotiation table.  Experience usually makes a REALTOR® better equipped to handle such a situation, but that's not always the case.  I don't care what people may tell you about how anything can be learned.  I personally think some skills you either have or you don't have.  Thankfully, for my clients, this agent has what it takes.  I'm not tooting my own horn, just telling you the truth.

The fortunate recipient of multiple offers had better be prepared.  This type of situation requires the kind of skill that comes with a good sense of how to read people and gauge their level of interest, their willingness and ability to handle a tough negotiation, and judge whether or not what they have put in writing will actually fly with their lender. 

Multiple offers can blow up in your face if you're not careful.  As much as I love, love, love the challenge and excitement of telling my Sellers that they not only have one, but two or more offers on their property, I do not take the process lightly, as any wrong move can backfire.

If you looking to sell your property soon, and want to know how you can attract multiple offers, give The Red Carpet Crew a call.  Let us advise you on how to set yourself up for success and then let us guide you through the process to ensure things don't fall off the rails. 

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