Music & Movies at the Park

This has been one weird summer.  It has been super hot (which I don't mind) and super dry (which is really putting a strain on the farmers). 

Not sure if you know about the Music & Movies at the Park, which takes place a few Thursday nights throughout the summer, but it's great fun.  It's held at the Waterloo Park, in a nice open field.  It's lovely to glance at the stars during when you're not staring at the screen and to hear all of the little kids giggling as they sit on their blankets and share their popcorn.  Some people drive, some walk and some bike.  This is the first year that I'll be close enough to bike, and I was really looking forward to it on July 19th and July 26th.

But, then the rain came.  I'm not complaining about getting some rain, as I know we probably needed it way more than we needed to watch a movie outdoors.  But, seriously?!?  It would have been much better to get rain a day earlier.  So sad that the first two events were held on probably two of three or four nights that we've had rain all summer.

I'm hoping to partake in this event on August 9th and 23rd, and hoping that the rain comes any other night during those weeks other than the Thursday, because this is something that I look forward to every year in our great city.  And I think it's an awesome way to share food items for the food bank.

Check out the details here:  Music & Movies at the Park

If you're at the next one (or two) events, text me at 5195803505.  I will be there!!  And the first one to connect with me will get a pair of movie tickets for an indoor theatre, to be enjoyed rain or shine.

Take care, and have a fun summer!!

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