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A few weeks ago, I went for an impromptu manicure.  I went to one of those "cheap" shops.  Well, the initial price is cheap, but the owner upsold me on the "shellac" product.  I don't know enough about this kind of thing to say whether I'm sold on this stuff or not.  It certainly stays put on the nails much longer than other nail polishes I've used, but when it chips, it really needs to be re-done.  Pronto. 

Can't present an offer with chipped nails...that's just not right.

Nail polish products aside, though, there's something about the "cheap" shop that just turned me off.  I am not an old geezer by any means, but I'm just a few years beyond wanting to listen to dance mixes or hip hop at screaming loud levels.  I'm also not fond of fluorescent lights, not just because people don't look fantastic under the bright lights, but because they do nothing to help a person to relax.  And isn't that what going for a manicure is all about anyway?

I realize that the pros make my nails look better than I do, but I really do love colour so I've always enjoyed the freedom of being able to change my look with a quick "at home" manicure, which usually involves a quick removal of the last nail polish, a quick scrub of olive oil and sugar, a couple coats of one of my latest colours (red is always in the mix, but sometimes bronze or purple), and then a couple of pumps of this amazing pomegranate lotion.  But, my wish to change my nail polish after my "cheap shop" manicure didn't work because I couldn't remove the polish with my regular nail polish remover.

So, in a mad rush, I looked for the closest spot to my home to have my nail polish removed.  I wasn't looking for a full manicure. I just wanted the remnants of the old one washed away!  Something was telling me not to go for cheap anymore, but to find something classy, and wouldn’t you know, I did.

I found this adorable little shop called Romana's Esthetics located in Belmont Village at 726 Belmont Avenue West, Kitchener.  I was greeted by Romana's husband and quickly taken care of by Romana herself.  I love the idea of family-based businesses, and especially love it when the owners treat the customers like family.  While I sat there and engaged in a lovely conversation with Romana, I noticed several things:

  • No pushy up-selling, just informing me of all of the amazing services they have to offer.
  • No fluorescent lights.
  • No annoying music.  It was Andrea Bocelli, as I remember it.  Those of you who find Bocelli music annoying may love the dance mix at the other shop, but I find it to be thoroughly enjoyable and this is my blog.  ;)
  • A lovely lady came in with her granddaughter who had apparently grown up quite a bit since their last visit, and Romana greeted them like she would long-lost relatives.  Hugs, a lovely exchange of how things have been and what they've been up to and a hot cup of coffee just like the lady liked it.  She remembered.  Now, that's service.

My bill was ridiculously low, as all I had was a nail polish removal that day.  I had no cash on me so I paid by debit.  There was no way to give a tip when paying with debit, so here is my tip to all of you reading this blog.  If you want a wonderful, relaxing experience, check out this shop.  It isn't overrun with people or noise, and you get treated with one-on-one attention.  But I can see that the people who do make their way to this business are regulars and for good reason. 

The prices are fair, the list of services is long (manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, massage, spa packages, and other services such as reflexology), and the service is incredible.  I highly recommend Romana's and I will be back soon!

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