Purchasing Floor Tile

Consider This, When Purchasing Tile for Your Home

written by Matt Seiling of Seiling's Floors

So you’re all ready to go out and buy the perfect tile for your home.  Do you get the prettiest?  Do you go for the cheapest?  Or maybe the most expensive, that way you’ll definitely get the best?  The answer to the question is harder than you may think – None of the above.

When considering what tile to buy, the most expensive doesn’t mean the best… for your particular application.  Would you put beautiful marble tile in the front walkway?  Hopefully not, marble is one of the easiest tiles to scratch, and guess what happens when little Jimmy walks in with his dirty shoes.  You guessed it, scratches #1 through #58.  You really need to think about what exactly you want your tile to do for you.

Do you want your tile to be easy to install (after all, maybe this is your first time)?  Do you want it to be the lowest maintenance as possible?  Or is beautiful an important factor in deciding what tile you choose.  Chances are, the price is high on your list of “must haves”; I know it is for me.  So how do we get the best tile for what we need at the best price?  Simple, make a list of what you want.  Start with the most important must haves first, then work your way down the list, putting what you would like, instead of need, close to the bottom.

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of some key things you’ll be looking for:

Does your tile need to be – Water resistant\Grippy (textured)\Able to withstand heavy objects\Beautiful\Plain\Inexpensive\Easy to install\Easy to clean\Scratch resistant\Sanitary\Stain resistant\Low maintenance.

Here are some examples of what type of tile you’ll want for each room in your home:

Bathroom – Many tiles work well in here -> Ceramic tile, Porcelain tile, Granite tile (I especially like how this tile feels on your feet), or Glass tile (I’ve never installed this on a floor).

Kitchen – Many tiles work well in here as well -> Ceramic tile, Porcelain tile, Granite tile

Living Room – I haven’t seen many people do this, and only if you’re ready to purchase a large area rug to keep your feet comfy, should you attempt such a large project.  Tiles that would work well here are -> Ceramic tile, Porcelain tile, Granite tile, Marble tile, Travertine tile

Hallway – Most tiles work well here as well -> Ceramic tile, Porcelain tile, Granite tile, Marble tile

Outside (Patio, Walkway) – Slate tile, Outdoor Porcelain tile

Basement – If possible, use under floor heating as well -> Ceramic tile, Porcelain tile

As you can see, Ceramic and Porcelain can be used in the most places.  That is one of the many reasons; there are so many choices in those two types of tile.  So now that we have a good list made up, get to the store and see what’s available!

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