Remembering Special People

Today is a very special day.  Yes, it is Groundhog Day.  Not a bad day, but not the most notable on my calendar.  And, yes, there's a blizzard sweeping across North America.  But, seriously, this is just another winter day.  (I may be a bit more excited if I were a kid who lucked out with a snow day!) 

The reason today is special to me is more personal.  Because on this day, the 2nd day of February, in 1936, my father was born.  It's my dear old dad's 75th, and I am getting a little sentimental.  Much has happened in the world since 1936, good and bad.  But, I know for sure that my world has been a much better place because of the role my dad played in my life and today I want to honour him. 

I have been blessed with an amazing family and amazing example of how to live.  I often fall short, but my measuring stick of success is what it is today because of my parents (and their parents), who have shown me what's truly important in life.  The importance of faith, meaningful relationships and what it means to be a true friend are on the top of the list.  And, I was taught at a young age the value of the dollar and that working hard and dreaming big is nothing to be afraid of. 

Although my dad and I are not together today due to distance, I made it a point to talk to him this morning and wish him a Happy Birthday.  I encourage you to touch base with someone dear to your heart on this snowy wintery day! 

This is kind of what it looks like outside of my window today.

Stay warm!!


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