Have some spare time and a bare wall?

Check out these couple unique wall art ideas...

Triangle shapes are cut from an assortment of watercolor paintings, glued to a canvas then glazed with Mod Podge. (katebullen.blogspot.ca)

What other supplies can you involve in your wall art creations? We bet you weren’t thinking “Styrofoam.” Luckily this next project had the perfect use for this art supply, which can be covered in fabric, then overlapped for an art piece full of pattern and depth. [from Crafts 'n Coffee]

Buttoned DownCreate a graphic statement with a canvas outfitted with oversize wooden buttons. First, paint the buttons with crafts paint; let dry. Apply white acrylic paint to the canvas in vertical brushstrokes. While the paint is still wet, add a few gray lines and blend the colors to create a striated appearance. Tie the buttons to the canvas with twine. Staple the twine to the back of the canvas stretcher frame to secure. (Source unknown)

To make chevron art like this one you’ll need a frame, paint, paint chips and glass. If your frame comes with an ugly background picture, use white paint to cover it up. Then cut out the chevron shapes from the paint chips and then stich little scrapbooking square pieces to the back of the cut outs. Add glass to the frame and you’re done.{found on lovehuedesign}.

Modern Lines Wall Art: Another easy, bold way to add color to your home is with this taped canvas tutorial. The patterns and color schemes are endless! (viaThe New Domestic)

These fun polka dot canvases were actually printed with a potato! The homemade stamp gives each dot a unique look. (viaShop Sweet Things)

A creative mind doesn’t let anything go to waste, not even the empty toilet paper rolls. In fact, there are lots of ways in which you can repurpose these things. For example, make beautiful wall art to display in your home. Cut them, glue them to make them look like flowers and glue them to a canvas.{found on justagirlblog}.


Paint How-To (For Non-Artists) Looks pretty darn good to me, and they make it look so easy too! (twogirlsbeingcrafty.blogspot.com)

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