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Captain John Palliser School is dual track school with a regular and Montessori Alternative program. It is located in the northwest community of Brentwood, and serves the communities of Brentwood and The Hamptons for the regular program and Area I and II for the Montessori program. Students from Captain John Palliser generally move on to Simon Fraser School and Tom Baines for Grades 7 to 9. Sir Winston Churchill High School is the main high school in the neighbourhood.

About the School

The school opened in 1963 and is situated on 8.0 acres. It is one of the largest elementary schools in the city. The school has 23 classrooms, including a music room, art room, library, and gymnasium. We are a single-storey school, fully wheelchair accessible.

About School Name

Captain John Palliser School honours the name of an Irishman who was commissioned by the Royal Geographical Society to lead an expedition to the land that we know as western Canada. In the years 1857 -1860, his task was to explore, map and report on the general state of these western territories for possible settlement. As a scientific expedition, Palliser and his colleagues - Hector, Bourgeau, Sullivan and Blakiston accumulated a huge wealth of knowledge and information about this new land.

Palliser determined that the south western prairies were an extension of the central- American desert and thus, were unsuitable for agriculture. This piece of land, stretching as far east as the Manitoba border, west through southern Saskatchewan and into southern Alberta is known as the Palliser Triangle.

As explorers traveling unknown lands by canoe, horse, Red River cart, dog-sled and on snow-shoes, Captain John Palliser and his colleagues serve as strong role models for us. We are proud to bear his name as we explore, discover and imagine at Captain John Palliser School.


School Mission

In embracing the Calgary Board of Education mission statement, we strive to make positive and significant differences in the lives of all learners through our attention to wonder, hope, imagination, and excellence.

School Motto

Explore, Discover, Imagine

Unique Points

Close to:

  • Sir Winston Churchill Swimming Pool
  • Nosehill Library
  • Brentwood Arena
  • Bussing available
  • Lunchroom is in the gymnasium
  • Before/After school care
  • Wheel chair accessible
  • Learning and Literacy Program
  • Vision Progam
  • Montessori Alternative Program - K-Gr. 3- will expand with a grade each year until Gr. 6
  • Pre-Kindergarten program - tuition based

Student Enrolment (September 2009 )
Total Enrolment: 388

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