7 Tips For Your Special Needs Family...Creating A Positive Experience

You or someone you know may be living inside the world known as "special needs." The living behaviours one will adapt to as normal and necessary may seem odd and different to those without the experience of living with a special needs members. So it is too, when it comes to real estate.

Here are 7 tips to create a positive real estate experience for your special needs family:

Talk with your REALTOR®. Explain your family situation and talk about modifications to scheduling and accommodations. If your REALTOR® doesn't understand ─ find someone who does.

Talk with the members of your family who have special needs. The word "routine" is part of the everyday lexicon. Start discussing the changes in their environment and the positives of moving to a new home.

Include the family member with special needs and take them with you to view homes. Let them ask questions and allow them to experience the joy of picking out their room, their house, their yard.

Plan a second viewing. Use one visit to let your individual with special needs see the home, and then another by yourself. This will give you the opportunity to review the house before making a decision.

Whether buying or selling, build a schedule that suits your needs and make it less of a burden and more of an adventure. Ensure your REALTOR® knows the schedule and is adaptable to it.

Take your time. Understand that this long process is going to take even longer and give your family time to adapt to the idea and to the actual move.

Have fun and enjoy the experience! Happy buying and selling!

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