December Life@Home 5 Tips To Get Holiday Ready in 5 Minutes

Anticipating company this holiday season?
While you may not have time to scrub down the house, some simple tricks of the trade will make it look like you did. Prepare your home for the holidays in just 5 minutes:

Take a wiff. Burning a few candles around will not only brighten up the space, but it will also upgrade the usual aromas of your home. Light up a rich evergreen scent in the den or indulge your guests’ senses with a warm vanilla bean scent in the kitchen.        Splash some colour: Upgrade your low key loveseats and couches with hints of colour. Take decorative pillows and throws out of the closet and add them as accents to the coziest spots.             

Reduce, reduce, reduce: Having a magazine or book at arms’ reach in every room may be convenient, but there are stylish ways to hide them away. Minimize your reading materials clutter by stashing them in a basket or bin.   Throw it down: Every room needs an anchor—and for those who are missing one, a bright throw rug brings the space together.   

Feng Shui the space: If you haven’t moved your couch since it was first delivered, now’s the perfect chance to rearrange and harmonize the room! Even the simple act of angling your furniture by a few inches can make a living space look brand new.  Your home wil be ready in 5 minutes and your guests will be talking about how welcoming and comfortable your home was for the holidays!

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