Dandelion Season

It's dandelion season, which means it's also dandelion killing season. Here are a few tips to get rid of them and keep your yard looking it's best. 

1) Mow the dandelions as they emerge. As long as you cut them before they mature into white seeds you can stop them from spreading. 

2) Dig the dandelions out from the root.

3) Pour boiling water over the dandelion. If you do this a few times a day over each dandelion, the plants will wither away within three days.

4) Spray the dandelions with vinegar in a spray bottle.

5)  Spread CGM (corn gluten meal) over the lawn before the dandelions germinate. This will prevent seedlings from ever taking root. 

6) Salt the dandelions. Pile 1 tablespoon of salt at the base of the dandelion where it emerges from the lawn. 

7) Chemical herbicides that are made to kill broadleaf weeds is also an option. They are applied directly to the weed you want to get rid of.

- Justin

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