Justina's Moving Checklist

Moving is more complicated than just packing up your boxes and going on your way. There are many things to consider, months in advance. Below are some things you may want to address before your big move.

One to two months before:

  • Get organized! Start up a folder and put it somewhere safe to keep track of estimates, receipts etc
  • Make a plan! Figure out what rooms you are going to pack on which weekends
  • Plan out your moving day! How are the kids going to be moved? What about the pets?
  • Start keeping track of moving expense benefits (moving for a job, tax write-offs etc)
  • If there is a transition period between selling your current home and getting in the new one, arrange for storage facilities
  • Figure out what you don't want to take with you! Hold a garage sale or donate to a local charity
  • Be sure to contact service and utility companies to arrange connections/disconections at your old and new homes
  • Get copies of any documentation you may need to make the transition smooth (medical, passport etc)
  • Be sure to schedule a transfer of records and changes (call the doctor, school, dentist etc)
  • Return anything you've borrowed from neighbors, friends or the library (or they'll end up at the bottom of some box "lost")
  • Start eating! (those freezer goods don't stay frozen for very long on moving day)
  • Get some packing tools! (boxing tape, felt markers, boxes etc)
  • Touch ups! (do any final repairs you agreed to now so you don't have to worry later)

Three to four weeks before:

  • Floor plan! (you're getting closer to the real deal, start figuring out how you want things to look in the new place)
  • Start packing! (if you haven't already, start implementing that plan you made a month ago)
  • Stay organized! (remember that felt marker you bought, now is the time to make sure you use it to label rooms and box contents)
  • start packing those non-essential items (seperate the breakables and valuables out)
  • Create a master inventory list and number your boxes (it sounds odd, but you'll be thinking, I'm a genius once you're in the new place, draw huge numbers on the box sides)
  • Go to the post office! (fill out a change of address form if you want to get your mail)
  • Tell your friends and family your new address or they'll be lost for dinner
  • Inform your credit cards, banks and insurance about your address change

One to two weeks before:

  • Call and confirm any services or assistance you organized for the moving day
  • Keep packing and stay organized
  • Pack the essentials in easily identifiable boxes so you can get at them right away
  • Book the day off work!
  • Figure out something for the kids to do that makes them helpful
  • Arrange for the kids to be somewhere else during moving day, if their not needed
  • Make sure to get back any borrowed items (if moving out of city)
  • Make sure to empty safety deposit box and cancel local accounts (if moving out of city)
  • Start dismantling furniture and larger items for transport
  • Run to the dump! (get rid of any old paints, flammables, electronics etc)
  • Make sure all paper work is in order
  • Keep eating! (if you're moving far, fridge foods don't last long, so eat them up)

Three to Five days before:

  • Confirm moving details with moving truck company and helpers
  • Go over a detailed action plan for the day of with those who are helping you out
  • Confirm who is picking up the moving truck for the big day
  • Finish up the last minute packing
  • Give the old place one last good clean from top to bottom
  • Get your day pack ready (pens/pencils, important docs, snacks, water etc)
  • Keep a box of tools accessible with the essentials (screw drivers, wrench, tape, markers etc)
  • Prepare and budget to feed yourself and maybe your helpers

The Big Moving Day!

  • pack up the bedding and frames
  • give everyone the walking tour and a run down of how things will be moved
  • once everythings packed up, do a walk through and make sure nothing was left behind and check for any damage (walls, floors etc)
  • Leave your contact information for the new folks so they can forward your mail
  • Make sure movers and helpers all have your correct new address
  • Close up! (lock windows, doors and turn out the lights)

New Home Sweet Home!

  • Do a walk through and note any damage (take pictures!)
  • Clean if needed
  • Make sure all utilities and electricity works
  • Set up the beds
  • Start unpacking! (usually kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms first)

Settling In

  • Make sure you mail is to the new address
  • Update your drivers licence and vehicle registration
  • Get local information (phone books, maps, good restaurants and local amenities)
  • Update homeowner's insurance
  • Settle in, relax and enjoy the new place!


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