I can tell you all the things that I will promise to do to go above and beyond your expectations, but it is far more beneficial for you to read some of the testimonials of those folks who have experienced the fulfillment of these promises and can attest to my work ethic, values and dedication to each and everyone of my clients...


"Working with Justina was a delight.

In searching for a new home, I advised her that I had a set budget which she adhered to by showing me places that were inside my comfort zone. She was quick to understand my needs for a prospective home and researched thoroughly, everyday.

Justina was always polite and friendly, with a quick sense of humour. She made the daunting task of selling and buying much easier. She demonstrated respect for my taste and quickly pointed out issues that I may have overlooked.

If she didn’t have the answers to questions, she didn’t hesitate to find out from her peers. A definite confidence builder and made me trust her more.

Selling my house was easy. Justina’s strong work ethic appeared from the beginning. Her approach to marketing my house was beyond compare.She is a "go-getter" and demonstrated ingenuity by going door to door in my neighborhood with flyers about my property. She didn’t hesitate to put herself out there to ensure the property got maximum exposure for potential buyers. To my delight, it sold in a very short time.

I felt very confident working with Justina and highly recommend her."

- Ms Liz
Seller (Glenmore), Kelowna, BC

"We were looking for a second home with a suite or suite potential. Justina went the extra miles and put in extra effort to show us many, many perspective properties. In this process Justina showed that she was very astute, knowledgeable and willing to do research to get the needed information. She always goes above the call of duty for the benefit of her clients and was honest, open, and trustworthy. She demonstrated enthusiasm and was pleasant to deal with throughout the entire purchasing processing. I would highly recommend Justina to anyone who is looking for a Realtor who is efficient, effective and always on the look out for her clients. She is ready to dedicate tons of time to helping you make the right real estate decisions for whatever your situation happens to be. We would definitely recommend Justina and will of course use her again for our future investments. Thank you so much!"

- Suneeka and Joseph
Buyers, West Kelowna, BC

"We would highly recommend Justina to anyone buying a house. She was more than generous and thoughtful with her time and attention to detail. I wish more people would be as thorough and helpful as she was. She definitely made all of the process easier for us and we really appreciated all of her help. The WETT inspectors she recommended were great to us too and we couldn't be happier with the service we received from her. Thank you again for your help, you made us more than happy!"

- Jenn and Donnie
Buyers (Joe Rich), Kelowna, BC

"Thank you for the basket that we received yesterday and more importantly for helping us to sell our home. We were very pleased about how smooth the whole process was and this can be directly attributed to how organized you were. We were never under the impression that our Realtor was not earning our business or that we were left uninformed about the progress you were making. We hope the best for you for the future and we will recommend you when the opportunity presents itself."

- Kathrin and Devon
Sellers (Glenmore), Kelowna, BC

"Justina, as a realtor, I think of you as reliable, timely, knowledgeable, and determined. It was my experience that you tried to stay true to our needs while keeping our wants in mind. Your honest advice was appreciated every step of the way!"

- Keira
Buyer (Rutland), Kelowna, BC

"Justina, you are an incredible realtor! Things that come to mind over the time our house was for sale are that you are dependable, friendly, knowledgeable, you think of your clients needs and work with what they give you, you are a hard worker and you are very patient! Wow I could go on! Thank you for everything! Of all the realtors we have worked with you are by far the best!"

- Mel and Ty
Sellers (Rutland), Kelowna, BC
"When I think about working with you to purchase my house, I think of you as tenacious and diligent; you don't give up. You are attentive; you listen to your clients needs and their wants. In my case, I gave you a very specific criteria and if at first you didn't succeed in finding it, you reworked it, until you hit the nail on the head. You espouse professionalism and graciousness even in moments of frustration and disappointment; you always maintain your professionalism and your cheerful disposition. You exude a genuinely warm and caring attitude. I loved working with you, and will be back to you for sure!"
- Dina
Buyer (Downtown), Kelowna, BC
"Dear Justina,
During the selling of my condo in Kelowna, I was particularly pleased with the photographs, inside and out, and the brochure you produced.  I believe that had a great deal to do with folks wanting to "take a look". I also was impressed with the difference "decluttering" made.
- Faye
Seller (Springfield/Spall Area), Kelowna, BC
"To sum up, you are dedicated, thorough, and charged with positive energy. Giving me time, yet keeping me on track."
- James
Buyer, Kelowna, BC
"I would describe you as professional, knowledgeable and very respectful and accommodating. I have found your approach to be thorough, comprehensive and timely with respect to information and you take time to understand my needs as a client. Thank you!"
- Lis
Buyer, Kelowna, BC

"Right from the beginning, Justina exceeded my expectations. She is a young and highly ambitious person who provided honest and knowledgeable feedback. Justina continued to pursue my desired home and even went as far as knocking on doors in neighborhoods I liked to ask if the owner wanted to sell. The market did not contain what I specified, but Justina was able to find exactly what I was looking for with her extra legwork. Justina provided results. Thanks!"

- Myles
Buyer, Kelowna, BC
"Justina LeeStolz is amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house. She will sit you down and explain everything to you step by step and she will never make you feel like you are stupid (even when you're like me and have no idea what you're doing!). Justina is very professional and will be your voice advocating for you when you need her most. She takes the time to learn what your dream home is and will go above and beyond to make that dream a reality. Amazing realtor!!"
- Vanessa
Buyer, Kelowna, BC
Justina LeeStolz

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