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Small Spaces

Finding your dream home is pretty tough, even if you have relaxed standards for what that dream consists of. When home shopping, most people compile a few lists: wishes, would be nice if and must-haves. Maybe you refuse to close a deal on anything without a garage. Perhaps a nice outdoor living space is your top priority. We all have things that we won't bend on, and you should stick to your guns on those features.

But when buying a house, you may find that getting that dream backyard or sunroom comes with a caveat - you'll have to also take an odd window, a closet that seems out of place or a fireplace that doesn't do much more than sit there, cold and empty. Some homes just have weird features that you have to try to work around. You'll find that keeping an open mind and searching for your inner creative genius is the best way to tackle these issues.

Sometimes these features are a result of poor craftsmanship or architectural design. Other times, they're supposed to be that way, a flourish of a designer's whimsy that you don't quite get. Especially in the world of cookie-cutter houses, occasionally a builder wants to add a unique element that sets the house apart. Either way, it's now something you need to deal with in order to land your otherwise dream home. In trying to make your house a reflection of you, it can be stressful to deal with an element that you've never had experience with before. By accentuating uncommon features of a room, you have the opportunity to create a focal point that will make your guests ooh and aah.

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