Sincere and heartfelt gratitude

Dear Karen

This has really been a new and difficult situation for a couple of Calgary seniors like ourselves to handle.

Having been left Executor of an Estate in Drumheller and not being familar with the needs in having to sell from a distance the property that was left and the many loose ends that needed attention.

Having said we live in Calgary but had the good fortune of having your name given to us by a clerk at Town Hall....God Bless her.

We cannot express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you for your excellent assistance and real caring that you have given to us. There were many things that you did that were not and should not have been in your realm of real estate but you did them. You took care of so many of the little details surrounding our sale that would of caused us much worry and frustration if not for you. You were totally amazing to us.

This has not been our first time working with Realtors(R) but I can tell you it was the very best time.

Both Art and I would highly recommend you without question, you are a Realtor(R) of true substance, professionalism and class.

Thank you so much

Art  & Avis Roemer


Karen Bertamini

Karen Bertamini

Affiliated Real Estate Agent
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