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The ultimate sale of your property is the destination, the journey is getting there.

You've made the decision to sell your home. The following steps will help you achieve the goal of selling your home more seamless.

 Clean up

An open house should be a clean house. Start with the appliances clean your fridge and stove, scrub down your cupboards and bathroom fixtures, clean your carpets and your windows, freshen up your curtains and bedding get in the corners prospective buyers will be looking there. Your home has just become a prospect for someone else’s new home. Don't forget the outside put away garden tools, store your hose, and groom your lawn and trees. Fix whatever needs to be fixed inside and out. Remember you only get one chance at a first impression.

Dispose and De-clutter

Think about the move ahead. Take this opportunity to go through your closet and cupboards get rid of all the extra stuff you've collected. Make piles, trash, give away and store. Be ruthless. Prospective buyers are looking for good storage space it’s generally a priority with them. The best way to showcase this is not to have your closets and cupboards brimming with stuff.


Remove any items that you will be taking with you like your stained glass or favorite light fixture its better if the prospective buyer never sees it than it get written into a sale and become something that causes dissension. It’s also important to remove family photos and personal collections. Buyers need to be able to imagine their stuff in the space.

Create an impression of open


Buyers are looking for a home not a house so ensure that you furnish the rooms for their intended purpose, arrange furniture with the intention of making your rooms seem more spacious. Put excess pieces of furniture into storage. You want to sell and a buyer needs to be able to envision themselves in your home.

Finishing Touches...this step will

put you on the inside track

Lastly create an album that you can leave on your counter that showcases the points that make your house better than the next one, remember that this is a competition and you’re not the only horse in the race. The album can contain copies of any permits that were taken out, receipts for appliances and or maintenance items like furnace and duct cleaning.

If your flower pots are gorgeous in the summer show pictures. You can create a list of proximity to shopping, schools, municipal services, recreation facilities anything that you can think of that will help buyers with their decision to purchase. This tool will help agents that bring clients into your home that are not as familiar with the property; it will also send the message to prospective buyers that you are someone who pays attention to detail.


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