Making the Most of Your Basement Square Footage

Is your basement a dumping ground for old shoes, magazines and stinky hockey equipment? Your poor basement no longer needs to be the neglected “room that must not be named”, space in your home. There are plenty of ways you can renovate your space to make it more livable–and no, we aren’t just talking about man caves.

Guest Suite

No need for your guests to have to sleep on the floor- use your basement space and turn it into a guest bedroom. This does not have to be expensive or labour intensive. Keep beams exposed to create a cool, rustic look. Here are the key features you’ll need to create an inviting guest suite:
Futon: Futons are a basement’s best friend. When you don’t have guests, you can easily fold them up and use the space as a TV lounge/ hang out spot.
Simple and bright: Basements tend to be dark so keep paint light and bright. In smaller spaces, less is more when it comes to décor so keep the knick-knacks to a minimum. This will make guests feel more like they are in their own space.
Dresser and nightstand: This is what will take your space from “basement with futon” to “comfortable spot for guests.” It’s a simple touch and will make the space feel much cozier.

Home Office

Working from home can be a blessing and a curse. If you manage your time well, get out of your pajamas and have a good work space then you should be well set up for success when working from home. Your basement could transform into the perfect home office with a little effort. When making a home office, try to recreate a typical office space. Although the couch might be calling your name, it is best that you set up a desk, printer and coffee machine just like you would at work. When painting your basement home office, keep the paint bright and décor simplistic so you aren’t distracted.

Home Bar

Perhaps our favourite basement reno- the home bar. A standard bar height is 42 inches so it is best to stick to that height as it will be easier to find bar stools that will fit. The overhang should be at least 8 inches, but when in doubt more is always better. The bar top should be 16 to 20 inches wide, including the molding. These spaces work best if you have at least some plumbing—for a sink to clean up and a bathroom for guests.




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