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Wolseley, named after Field Marshal Sir Garnet Wolseley, a British Army officer who came to Manitoba in 1870 to suppress the Red River Rebellion, is bounded on the south by the Assiniboine River,on the west by Omand's Creek, on the north by Portage Avenue and on the east by Maryland. Along the river there are many larger older homes and huge trees, though relatively small lots. This area is popular with both seniors and young professionals. What is now called Wolseley was originally part of the Parish of St. James, and was annexed into the City of Winnipegin 1882. It was developed primarily between 1905 and 1930 as a middle and upper middle class residential area. It is locally famous for the "Wolseley Elm," a prominent neighbourhood tree which was threatened with destruction in 1957 but which was spared due to the efforts of several neighbourhood women.

Wolseley makes up a neighbourhood of 1,800 single family residential homes. Please see the Interactive Property Map for more information.

 For the lifestyle choice of condominiums, Wolseley offers many condo community choices, with styles to suit every taste and budget. They are located throughout the area with easy access to all the amenities and transportation offered in this neighbourhood.

There are two schools located in Wolseley, Mulvey School (N-6) and Wolseley School (N-6) both are which managed by the Winnipeg School Division. For students attending middle school and high school there are options (find schools in your area).

Businesses in Wolseley's small shopping district on Westminster Avenue cater to the politically and socially active nature of Wolseley residents. Businesses include a couple of organic food marts and small bakery, bookstore, used clothing store, and yoga shop. The largest mall in the area is the Polo Park Shopping Centre, which also has a movie theatre. Nearby are the downtown shopping malls, the touristy Forks Market, and across the Assiniboine River are Osborne Village’s quirky collection of shops.

Located in Wolseley is the Robert A. Steen Community Centre, which offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities The northwest portion of Sargent Park and Minto have beautiful parks, including Westview.

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