2013 Award Winners

2013 was a fantastic year for me personally and professionally and I was able to acheive my goal of Double Centurian once again. Congratulations go out to all award winners and I look forward to making 2014 an even better year!

On top of acheiving Double Centurian, I am the #36 Individual Top Producers in Canada by production and #28 by units! As an office, Century 21 Fusion made #7 for top producing offices in Canada and we also scored #4 in the Top Easter Seals Fundraising category in Canada


Masters Silver

  • Pamela Bernes
  • Colleen Caswell
  • Laura Balyski
  • David Calyniuk Jr
  • Lynn Harmon
  • Ryan Souster
  • Dwayne Kok
  • Jason Vogt
  • Hank Poitras
  • Kimberlee Matheson

Masters Ruby

  • Doug Bell
  • Ron Ashton
  • Candace Forrester
  • Jo-Anne Larre
  • Wayne Lin
  • Susan Zwarych

Masters Emerald

  • Jacquie Chilliak
  • Jennifer Allen
  • Dan Gaudet
  • Tyler Grand
  • Alice Wang
  • Kerri Tucker
  • Susan Halabura
  • Masters Diamond
  • Jim Kramer
  • Grant Ostapowich
  • Murray Kurtenbach
  • Kyle Gao


  • Allan Ai
  • Kent Braaten
  • Richard Germain
  • Sheila Ashdown
  • Mercina Kokkas
  • Darrin Sych
  • Marla Janzen
  • Roger Schmid

Double Centurian

Centurian Team

  • Team Busch
  • Team Brisdon
  • Team Turner

Double Centurian Team

  • Team Price
  • Barry Chilliak Realty Inc.



Kari Calder

Saskatoon real estate agent

Century 21 Fusion



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