Back from India and UAE, Back To Reality/Realty!

I have been away for a month! We started our tour in Florida with my family for Christmas and had fun at Sea World this year.  I was able to still do a bit of real estate in Saskatoon while in Florida but overall over Christmas the Saskatoon real estate market wasn't too crazy. Then on December 28th we were off to United Arab Emirates (UAE) and that was a very interesting trip. We only had 3 days in UAE but got to see the highlights and Dubai was incredible. The country is rich and cleaner than anywhere we have been and extremely safe. Real estate prices there are quite high (I always have to check out the local real estate) along with everything else being pricey.

At the beginning of January we went over to India and started in the north part, Delhi. It was 'foggy' when we arrived which actually means SMOG! That is a term we are not used to in Saskatoon and one of the reasons I continue to love to live in our great city and sell real estate in Saskatoon, it is never a challenge to see across the road here unless it is true fog. The hustle and bustle in India is unlike Canada but similar to some of the other countries we have visited. Driving is insane-I would never be able to be a REALTOR in Saskatoon if I had to deal with traffic like that! Cows, dogs, elephants, tuk tuks, motorbikes, bikes, pedestrians, cars and big trucks all sharing the same roads. Hard to imagine.

From Delhi we went to Jaipur, Agra (Taj Mahal was absolutely one of the largest highlights of my travel career), Mumbai and then finished in Goa. After the crazy tour we did it was so nice to relax on a beach in Goa for a week and not hear a horn or see any 'fog'.

Overall it was an amazing adventure but we are both happy to be home and appreciate where we come from and the advantages our society lends. I understand why we see so much immigration from countries such as India and I can see why more and more when my phone rings and it is someone looking to buy a house for sale in Saskatoon they are from India. We are the land of opportunity...but it must be cold for most people coming from India as we saw winter coats when it was plus 15!

If you are looking to buy a house for sale in Saskatoon give me a call and learn how I will work for you to achieve your real estate dreams.

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