Better Business Bureau Receiving Complaints About Home Security Salespeople-Be Aware, They Are Baaaaaack!

I was recently out with some fellow Saskatoon Real Estate agents and saw a crew of door to door sales people for a security company so I wanted to make note-it is probably not in your best interests to purchase your security systems or contracts through anyone who is not locally owned or operated!

You can use the local security companies who are well known and have a good reputation such as: Reed Security, Shaw Security, SaskTel, Brigadier, etc. These are just some of the local names that you can trust. If they don't have a local address, don't use them no matter what promises they make. Some of these out of province/out of country door to door sales people are very pushy and dishonest, so beware.

You can also see proof from the Star Phoenix:

As a Saskatoon realtor I always want what is best for my Saskatoon real estate clients and my friends so I like to be a watch dog. Haha, those who know me well know that I fight for what I believe in and lack of ethics and dishonesty drive me mad!!

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