Dress Code on City's Golf Courses

Take your shirts off for the last time this season as next year City of Saskatoon golf courses will have a dress code in effect. The article in the Star Phoenix outlines the details. Unfortunately, as always, a few people who take things too far ruin it for the rest of us. Shirtless men have been a regular complaint at the Saskatoon golf courses but there have also been complaints of bathing suits and just a lack of common sense and lack of courtesy in general.

When people come to visit our beautiful city of Saskatoon and spend some time on our City of Saskatoon golf courses the lack of dress code reflects poorly on our community. The Willows, Dakota Dunes, etc are public courses and they do have a dress code.

The dress code to be set isn't terribly strict. They will ask that men where shirts, shorts or pants and hopefully sleeved shirts but it is a 'recommendation'. Women can wear sleeveless tops (phew, I just bought some nice Nike ones at the end of season just for golf next year as being a Saskatoon Realtor means going to different Saskatoon real estate golf tournaments!) but strapless, belly showing, or bathing tops are not allowed.

Flip flops are still okay! As long as they don't have big heels. Really? Who can golf in heels anyways? As a Saskatoon Real Estate agent we have many charity golf tournaments but these are usually at the Willows so we do see a variety of clothing and foot wear but I have yet to see anyone try shirtless or heels!

Alcohol will probably still be a factor on the Saskatoon golf courses where they are not licenced yet people still bring in their own so I am sure the golf warden's will be looking for all things.

I recently spent time on the Silverwood Golf Course with 3 other female Saskatoon real estate agents and we had a blast! I also spent some time at the Greenbryre Golf Course in Saskatoon with my boyfriend and ran into a few of my Saskatoon real estate clients. I have a bench ad at Greenbryre so it is nice to get calls, texts, emails from previous Saskatoon real estate clients and friends who see it out there.

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