Fall Maintenance Tip #1-Do It Soon!

Unfortunately we are getting to that time of year again where the geese are headed south and we should be putting the flip flops away for another year. CMHC has a great checklist of seasonal maintenance tips that is handy for Saskatoon home owners.

With the change in seasons there are many things that a Saskatoon home owner should be doing to ensure for no suprises in the spring. If you are buying a house for sale in Saskatoon right now one of the questions you will want to ask the sellers is if they have had the sprinkers blown out. There is nothing worse than, when you go to use your underground sprinklers at your new house for the first time, you find they are cracked and in need of costly repair as the previous owner didn't bother or didn't remember to blow them out.

As a Saskatoon real estate agent when I am listing a home for sale right now I always ask if they have taken care of the sprinklers. If they are advertising them in good working order at the time they put their house for sale then they should be in good working order when the new home owner turns them on in the spring/summer. Unfortunately there is not a lot that happens to the seller if they aren't in good working order. The new owner can take them to small claims court depending on the severity of the damage and cost to repair. More often than not I think karma will do its job but that doesn't help people's pocket book.

I just had my sprinklers blown out this morning and with the chill in the air I am glad I didn't wait any longer! I made that mistake once and, luckily, only had a $12 piece that needed to be replaced because I missed doing it by a day. It could have been worse!

So if you are a first time buyer in Saskatoon and you want to ensure you have an agent who is looking out for your best interests and asking the questions you wouldn't necessarily think of, give me a shout! I have the experience and knowledge to ask the questions that may not seem important at the time but in the spring you will be happy that I did!

Kari Calder
Century 21 Fusion


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