Iconic Patricia Hotel and Bar to Close Its Doors Tonight

It was with great shock today that I heard about the closing of the Patricia Hotel and The Pat Nightclub. I heard about it on facebook, at my Century 21 Saskatoon real estate sales meeting this morning (a bit off topic, yes!) and also read about it just now in the Star Phoenix.

It is unclear if is just the Patricia Hotel, The Pat, and the offsale that are the only ones closing their doors or if Joe Dogs will also be closing their doors, but one would assume so as they all share the same building. Either way it was apparently even a big surprise to the waitresses at Joe Dogs restaurant as I have a Saskatoon REALTOR(r) friend who has a family member who worked there and she had no idea until she went to come in for her shift and got sent home.

Having been a student in Saskatoon in my early 20's I will admit to have been seen at "The Pat" Nightclub on occasion so it was a surprise to me to hear about the abrupt closing of the bar, hotel and offsale which comes into effect tonight. The bar is a popular spot with University of Saskatchewan and college students with their Sunday Industry nights and their lively crowd on Saturdays, also known to many as "Paturdays". While I haven't been there for many years it still made me smile when I drove by to remember all of the dancing and fun my friends and I had there throughout the years and I would shake my head at the kids standing outside in the cold in line until I recalled that I also did that way too many times. Age teaches us so much!

I also recall, when traveling in Melbourne, Australia, meeting a fellow traveler who told me that he stayed in a hostel in Saskatoon. Having lived in Saskatoon for a few years prior to traveling I was surprised to learn that he had stayed at the Patricia Hotel in Saskatoon. Having been to the nightclub many times I did not realize that it was also a hostel. I knew it was called "The Patricia Hotel" but had no idea it was a hostel! It was a neat 'small world' experience to meet this fellow backpacker who had stayed overnight in Saskatoon and had been to "The Pat" as well. You have to understand that, when traveling, it was an extremely rare occurance to meet anyone who had ever heard of Saskatoon much less visited our awesome city so I never forgot that.

So, as a REALTOR(r) in Saskatoon the sale of this iconic building makes me curious and I will be doing some digging to see what they plan to do with the space. I will blog an update when I learn what will become of the building but it wouldn't surprise me to see it turned into condos as condos in downtown Saskatoon are becoming increasingly popular and with the changes being made to 25th Street this would seem like a good potential plan.

So, we say farewell to a landmark nightclub and fun spot but hopefully we will be welcoming something even more advantageous to our downtown.

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