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I saw a face I recognized when I went online today to read today's news in the Star Phoenix as there was a picture and an article about a ga l I know who works as a Saskatoon Mortgage Broker. Chelsy Loehndorf is using skills that we see on TV which she has used to turn a few hundred dollars into thousands of dollars for donations to Saskatchewan families this holiday season. She turned a $170 shopping bill into just over $10 to buy baby products and other basic goods and also turned $300 into about $2700 worth of baby formula, diapers, breast pumps and other new mom necessities. There are two agencies who will benefit from her version of Extreme Couponing that she calls R.A.C.K-random acts of coupon kindness. The KidsFirst program and Family Services Saskatoon, both associated with the provincial government, are the lucky recipients of Loehndorf's crafty couponing.

Chelsy, having been a single mother herself, understands what it is like to try to put presents under the tree while ensuring she had formula and diapers so she has been storing her stash at an empty office at Mortgage Link, a Saskatoon mortgage broker company, where she is a part owner/broker. While her out of pocket expense isn't huge it is a huge time commitment and a lot of effort to go out and find deals.

Unlike the USA, our checkouts can't just scan all of the coupons so some of them  need to be manually entered so make sure you don't end up behind her or her other volunteers in the line! You can join the Facebook Group "Extreme Couponing Saskatoon Style" to get some tips on how to be like Chelsy and others.

So congrats Chelsey on a job well done and for showing that you can use Extreme Couponing here in Saskatoon and put it towards a good cause! Between mortgage brokers and Saskatoon real estate agents it may seem that our schedules are flexible but both groups work hard and work odd hours so I can appreciate the time that she spends to do this.

Kari Calder
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