KIJIJI SCAM ALERT Using Saskatoon Real Estate

I have been very busy for the past few days fielding calls from excited potential renters due to a scam that is originating out of Africa. They place an ad on Kijiji using a house that is for sale in Saskatoon and when you email them back they send you a list of questions to obtain your personal information and then tell you how to send them a deposit as apparently Kari Calder is in Africa doing missionary work. Kari Calder, Saskatoon Real Estate agent with Century 21 Fusion, is NOT in Africa.

I am right here and I am not taking this laying down. I have posted warnings on all of my Saskatoon real estate websites and all of the social media sites I am involved with. I ask that you please forward the information or links on to all of your contacts to help spread the word.

Scams from Africa are nothing new however they have been using legitimate email addresses with my name attached to it such as, and I am sure several others as I have contacted yahoo to get their accounts disabled when I find out about them.

The City of Saskatoon Police have been notified but this is a long weekend so I have had no response to my warnings.

This is not an uncommon scam however they are getting more crafty with using real estate agents names as we are legitimate people and this could be believable. Luckily most people google me or call me to discuss this or just to warn me. I am a very visible Saskatoon REALTOR so at least people can find out that it is a scam by doing a bit of research.

I have also heard this is happening to other real estate agents in other provinces but so far I believe I am the only Saskatoon real estate agent who has been affected.

If you or anyone you know have sent money please contact the Police Immediately and email me the information as I am in touch with the media to hopefully stop anyone from sending money to these criminals.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Fusion


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