More Red Light Cameras-A Good Idea?

So according the the Saskatoon Star Phoenix the City of Saskatoon is looking to add more red light cameras as they have found that the 2 that we already have on Ave C N and Preston Avenue have done nothing to decrease the number of collisions. Luckily, the number of serious accidents has decreased significantly however the number of collisions is up by 13% since its inception. These are mostly fender benders. I can attest to this having viewed many of these fender benders due to people being scared of getting a ticket so slamming on their brakes BEFORE they need to, reversing in the intersection to try to avoid the ticket and ramming into another vehicle, the overall lurchy behaviour of drivers who are scared they are going to get a ticket. Many drivers are caught looking at the wrong things to try to avoid these tickets, therefore causing the fender benders. It is good that there are 31% less T-bone and a slight decrease in the left-turn-opposite direction collisions. The T-bone type accident is often the most severe, often deadly.

The manager of they City of Saskatoon's transportation branch attributes the higher number of rear-end accidents to the increase in traffic due to the increase of people in Saskatoon. As a Saskatoon real estate agent I can understand the increase in traffic in general but also in drivers who are not used to driving here so I can understand the increase. The city reports believe that, as people get used to the cameras, rear-end accidents will also decrease.

The City of Saskatoon has claimed that from 2006-2010 $1.45 Million was made on red-light cameras. Approximately 16 tickets per day for $230 each are handed out on average and this revenue goes back into traffic safety in Saskatoon such as speed bumps and pedestrian crossing.

So, if they add more red light cameras in Saskatoon, where do you think they will put these? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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