Real Estate-Not the Safest Career

Real estate anywhere can be a very unsafe career path but especially for women. Even in Saskatoon's real estate community we have had assaults, rapes, robberies, etc. Safety is a huge concern and a huge topic within our professional community.

This morning I came across an article from ABC news in the US that also played several videos. It gave me chills and tears to read and watch. Since the foreclosure mess began in 2008 ther have been more than 100 people killed on the job in the US. More than ONE HUNDRED. So those are the ones who have been killed, there is no mention about the other crimes committed against real estate professionals.

In the US the recent recession makes safety a bigger issue as more agents are showing vacant homes and rougher areas and it also affects REALTORS ability to feed their family so I am sure many agents will go to places they wouldn't normally just so they can hopefully make some money.

Even in Saskatoon real estate we come across some interesting and scary situations. I have encountered squatters before in a house I was going to list. This particular house had previously had renters in it and the property management company didn't change the locks so the renters just moved back in! Imagine my surprise when I went to list this house for sale in Saskatoon and take measurements and I opened the door to find people's belongings, food in the fridge, and very recent activity (within hours of my walking in). I ran out the door and made a phone call as it was not a safe situation. I can only imagine the situations that some US REALTORS find themselves in as I am sure there are abandoned pets, angry former homeowners squatting, or drug labs.

In the Saskatoon real estate market I have also come across a man who told me he was at a BBQ nearby and my name came up as a trusted Saskatoon REALTOR (r) so he wanted me to list his home. I met with him just before his kids were coming home from school and guess what, he was NAKED when I arrived. He made it look like an accident but after the initial shock I realized it was no accident. He also tried th same stunt on a few of my colleagues and they were also Century 21 Saskatoon real estate agents so I am curious how many other female REALTORS (r) in Saskatoon he called.

There are safety courses that we can take and self defense however if you don't know who you are meeting at a vacant house no matter what sort of training you have you may be putting yourself into an unsafe situation.

As a REALTOR in Saskatoon I have become much wiser in my 4+ years in the business. No amount of potential money is worth your safety as in our career just because you show a house doesn't mean you are making a sale. Meet potential clients at your office first.

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