Sask Companies Benefitting From The Booming Economy-Focus on AMEC

As a Saskatoon real estate agent I have had a few clients from AMEC Inc as this company is one of the forefathers of the mining industry in Saskatchewan. I have had a few first time home buyers in Saskatoon who have worked for AMEC, generally engineers.

AMEC in Saskatoon is a global engineering consulting firm which has just under 30,000 employees worldwide, including 550 in its mining and minerals division in Saskatoon. This company was there when the first potash mines were built and opened in Saskatchewan more than 40 years ago and they have been a key player in developing the uranium industry. They have been involved with potash from the beginning and out of the Saskatoon office they have been involved in almost every major potash project in the country.

Not only have they been involved with potash since the beginning they have also been in the background of uranium mining. The work AMEC does has enabled Saskatchewan's most demanded commodities to be taken from under the ground and drive our booming economy. AMEC can package an entire operation. Their whole business model is on engineering, procurement, and construction management. They can cover pretty much every element from conception to completion.

AMEC is sort of like one stop shopping as they can begin with the prefeasability studies, move on to design and finishing with managing the construction site. One of its major clients is Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (PCS) who they are doing a lot of work with that is known as sustaining projects. Work includes upgrades to projects and mills. They are also working with uranium in Saskatchewan as well as having a world-wide presence as they have a number of projects in differnet countries including the United States.

AMEC is actively recruiting to their team as they have some people in their company for 35 plus years while others are newer and have high-potential. They are looking domestically, across Canada and internationally for people to come work in Saskatoon.

Other clients of AMEC Inc are K+S Group. They are helping K+S achieve their project goals as they are building their first potash mine in Saskatchewan in 40 years. The fact that this great company is based in Saskatoon makes it that much more rewarding.

As an award winning Saskatoon REALTOR ® I find it very exciting that companies like AMEC are bringing so much to our city and our province and recruiting so many great people from our country and internationally. It is a great time to be in Saskatoon!

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