So Happy To Be Home From Egypt

As a Saskatoon real estate agent we deal with the pains of showing houses for sale in Saskatoon in -45 degree weather but I certainly appreciate being back in the safety of my country and community after leaving Egypt just before everything went crazy and out of control.

I have been keeping up with the news regarding the political unrest there and just read about a couple from Moose Jaw who chose to cut their trip short to come home to safety. For once it seems the media is not blowing things out of proportion according to this Star Phoenix article.

Having only been home for 11 days from Egypt we are quite relieved that we did not extend our trip by a week as originally planned. I work hard as a Saskatoon realtor(r) all year and rarely take a day off, much less a weekend or a week so when I travel I travel far and hard! Egypt and Jordan were a trip of a lifetime and I feel very fortunate to have been there while it was safe.

For the most part the Egyptian people are lovely, kind, and helpful people. I will not say the same about going to the markets though, the sales people in Egypt drive me crazy as they are so aggressive but that is their culture and how they are taught. When it comes to religion there are devout Muslims and Christians but we never saw any conflict arising from that. Politically we heard rumblings even when we were in Jordan so I was not surprised about the political unrest that has been occuring from years of oppression and unfairness.

I have read many internet comments from uneducated and ignorant people which is sad but will happen no matter what goes on in life. Beware of racism when you don't understand the situation that is unfolding around the world as it is not race or religion that is the cause of this uprising.

I hope that all of the lovely Egyptians (Muslims, Christians, non religious, etc) who helped make our trip a wonderful one are doing fine.

Last week I had a hard time returning to showing houses for sale in Saskatoon when it meant venturing out into the cold but I have a whole new appreciation for where we live and wouldn't trade it for anything.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon real estate specialist
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd

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