Why Use A Realtor-an actual story of a private buyer getting taken to the cleaner!

Here is an actual email from a client in Regina who bought a condo for sale in Saskatoon through me in the spring. They used me as their Saskatoon real estate agent as they knew it would be such a pain to go it alone. They have a niece in Regina who is buying a private sale condo and it is a nightmare. They have tried to tell her that she is making a mistake, but she sounds like she takes advice when it serves her but anything against what she thinks goes out the window. In the end she is paying more for the condo than the appraised value all because she thought it would be cheaper than going through organized real estate in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Hey Kari, here is the latest in the Niece trying to buy without an agent like you drama...


after she put her offer in and gave him what seems like forever to accept, his lawyer advised him that he should ask for more of a deposit so he called her and asked for more, in the meantime, two other condos in the same unit came up for sale cheaper then the one she offered( no new carpet or paint though..) . we said the best case would be for him to reject her offer so she can go look at the other ones (which she ended up doing with an agent despite having an offer in on the other condo already)


in the long run, he accepted her offer...and now the mortgage insurance company is having issues at it got appraised at less then she offered. By the third appraiser,  they found one that came in at about $100 over the agreed sale price..(sounds kinda fishy to me..lol)


and all this could have been avoided with an agent like yourself ;)


So, this girl is doing all the work herself that a real estate agent would normally do, she is paying more for the condo than 2 out of 3 appraisers think it is valued at-I wonder if she would do it the same all over again? Her Uncle is a smart man and has been trying to guide her but if she doesn't like something she makes her own decisions. Some people just need to learn lessons the hard way.

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