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Perhaps you're visiting this site to check out a listing of mine or maybe you're looking for a good Realtor and I'm being considered for the job. If that's the case, I hope that at some point, after having read a little about my business philosophy, experience and dedication to achieving my clients objectives, you will feel comfortable enough to contact me to arrange an interview.

With 28+ years experience as a full time Realtor and with over 1000 homes sold, I bring a lot of experience to the table. Experience that will not only benefit you in terms of negotiating the best deal for yourself, but also keep the entire buying and selling process as stress-free as possible, avoiding the mistakes and pit-falls that can turn a dream into a nightmare.

Whether you're buying or selling a home, my goal as your Realtor isn't just  to utilize every resource and marketing tool that the MLS system, Board or Century 21 has to offer. That's simply my starting point. My goal is to provide you with an overall level of service that far exceeds your expectations and to put you in a position where you have no doubt  that your best interests have been served from start to finish.

When I have exceeded your expectations, my reward is in the knowledge that I have secured your business forever and that you will refer me to all your friends and family whenever the opportunity arises.  Consistently using this business philosophy since the beginning of my career has resulted in almost 90% of my business being generated by repeat clients and their referrals.

Please call me anytime. I'd love to talk real estate with you!


Once you've determined where you want to live and how much you want to spend on a home, did you know that the rest of the buying decision is up to 90% an emotional one? That's why showhomes are decorated the way they are!

I want you to love the home you're going to buy, but I don't want you to love it unconditionally until you have all the facts.

A well-staged and tastefully-decorated home can have an alluring effect on you. It can make you fall in love with it, overlook its faults, pay too much and cause a severe case of Buyer's remorse!

Once I've listened to what your buying objectives, goals and timelines are and we've determined the price range that we will be shopping within, we'll set up a plan that gets you what you want.

With each house we look at, I'll point out the positive and negative things that you should be watching out for in a home. Things that could pose a problem for re-sale value, become a maintenance headache or cost a lot of money to rectify. This way, by the time you find the absolute right home for yourself, you'll find that you're a lot more objective and informed.

When you think you've found the perfect home for you, we'll approach the buying decision from three different stand-point: 1) Yours: The home feels right for you, fits your needs, is in a neighborhood you want to live in and it's within your price range. 2) Mine: I'll let you know all the pros and cons of the home so you'll be fully aware of its positive and negative attributes. I'll fully inform you as to what it's value actually is, and let you know the potential advantages and disadvantages you may have down the road when it comes to resale. 3) The Home Inspector's: His or her job will be to search-out issues with the home from a structural-integrity and maintenance point of view. The inspector will check for signs of water damages, foundational problems, electrical hazards, plumbing issues, insulation levels, and other items related to maintence like windows, shingles, grading and such.

If you, myself and the inspector all give a thumbs-up, that's a good sign that this is the right home for you and we'll go ahead and negotiate the best possible deal for yourself (this is my favourite part of the process).

On the other hand, once we have all the information, if we don't all give it a thumbs-up, we'll just keep looking!

Contact me to get started!





With 28+ years experience being a full-time Realtor and having sold over 1000 homes you might imagine that I've developed a good sense of what buyers find important about a home, what factors influence their decisions in terms of whether they should make an offer and if they do, how much they would be willing to pay for a home.

You might even imagine that over the years I've run across every type of negotiating strategy that's out there and being used by Realtors and their buyers.

I've accumulated a large client base and have built good working-relationships with the Realtors that I work with and maintain an extensive networking system with them.

All of this experience given me a sort of 'professional instinct' that I've learned to trust and draw from. By asking the right questions about the buyer's motivation, circumstances and qualification and balancing those answers with how the terms and conditions are outlined in their offer, I'm able to look past the smoke screens and psychological games and get to the heart of the deal.

I'll show you how to prepare and stage your home for showings, customize a marketing plan that will meet your objectives, help you determine the right asking price,  steer you through a winning negotiating process,  keep you posted at all times, return your phone calls promptly, handle all the details and treat you with the utmost respect at all times.

That's my promise to you.