Selling by Owner? I can help!

Selling by Owner? I can help!

You've decided that you want to sell your home and you're going to try marketing For Sale By Owner (FSBO). You own an attractive, saleable home and you're perfectly capable of replying to email enquiries, making appointments and it's convenient enough for you to make yourself available to show our home to potential buyers. And if anyone wants to make an offer on your home, your lawyer can handle the paperwork. Sounds simple enough; and to be perfectly honest, there is the distinct possibility that if you found the right buyer for your home, you could save yourself a lot of money on realty fees. Even if you weren't able to save all the fees yourself, you may be able to split a portion of any saving with your buyer and create a win/win scenario.


I've been in this business a long time and I have seen many instances where homeowners are successful in selling their home privately. And if they went about it the right way, they even came out ahead of the game, financially speaking. I built my business by developing valuable relationships with people. One of the best ways that I've been able to do so, is by helping people, sell their home without using an agent- and I provide all of my help free of charge. In my mind I'm certain that if I were to help someone achieve their goal, even if it meant cutting myself out o the deal, that they would first come to me if they were ever in need of a Realtor, and that they would do everything in their power to make sure that any of their friends or family use me as a Realtor when they're looking to buy or sell a home. It's a business philosophy that's been proven true, time and again, throughout my 28-year career in real estate.


If you're thinking of selling you home By Owner, let's talk. I'm sure that I have a lot to offer you. Having me on your side would be like you having a resource person close at hand, to help you navigate your way through all the stages of the process, from pricing, staging, showing, negotiating and handling all the details, right through to closing date.


I'd help you in areas such as:

* Proactively finding buyers beyond the scope that a basic Internet advertising company can offer you.

* Converting enquiries into a bonafide viewing appointment.

* Overcoming buyer's objections and dealing with "smoke screens".

* Making sure buyers find the good features of your home while letting them have their space.

* Taking security measure to make sure you're remaining safe.

* Showing your home effectively and without overcrowding the rooms you're in.

* Asking for an offer without appearing desperate to sell.

* Anticipating what questions or concerns an interested buyer might have.

* Making sure you have all the necessary permits, quotes and other information on hand, so that you're not creating delays.

* Understanding the purchase contract and what components are required to make a deal legally binding.

* Putting a deal together during a weekend or holiday when your lawyer isn't available, but making the deal conditional on your lawyer reviewing your contract.

* Being prepared for the different scenarios that your buyer may be in, and being prepared with all the necessary paperwork on hand so you can comfortably handle any of them.

* Having up-to-date market information on hand to help you justify your negotiating position to secure the best price and terms possible for yourself.

* Understanding what options are available if an inspector should find issues with the house that you weren't aware of.

* Knowing how to keep tabs on the status of your deal after you've got a legally binding contract, so as to ensure a successful closing without any shocking surprises.


Karim Keshavjee

Karim Keshavjee

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