My Vegetable Garden

My Family Vegetable Garden ~ from seeds!


Well we are going to have a vegetable garden this year!  We have started the process from seeds, and have a large variety of plants growing on the dining room table.  I'm sure we will have some successes, and probably some failures. If the tomatoes come to fruition, we will have more than we will know what to do with, as we have 72 tomato plants alone!  We were given the seeds from a friend for the tomatoes, they have been harvesting the seeds in his family for multiple generations, since his great grandmother brought them from Italy.  We are also attempting peppers, corn, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, beans, watermelon, pumpkin, asparagus, green onions and a few herbs.  I may have forgotten some....  It has been very exciting to watch the seedlings growing, and we are looking forward to getting them in the ground.  The kids have been helping to prepare the ground.  We are going to put up some chicken wire fencing, as we live in a rural area and the rabbits and deer would probably wipe us out without some protection!  We are also going to plant some marigolds to help deter the critters as well.  So wish us luck with our first vegetable garden!  If you have any tips or are in need of any tomatos during harvest time, or even if you want to come check it out, give me a call!  I'm sure we could use an extra hand with weeding!

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