Veggies - part 2

Vegetable garden - Part 2

Well, we were very successful with our seeds.  We had a beautiful flat of tomato plants (ended up with 68 plants), melons, peppers, corn, beans etc.  We built our garden, put up a makeshift chicken wire fence, tilled the soil and made all of our hills and valleys.  Then, just after the long weekend, everything went into the ground.  Then overnight, almost everthing died.  We have a couple of bean plants that look like they are fighting to stay alive, and we put a few more corn kernals of corn in the ground, but I am not holding my breath.  Yesterday, a relative came over with store bought seedlings, and they were put into the ground.  We now have tomatoes, new melons peppers and a few other things.  We checked on them this morning, and they do not seem to be doing badly.  We are thinking the original plants were hit by frost.  Hopefully we will have better luck with this second batch.  I think I might go get a few more plants to fill up a bit more of the empty space.  We are just hoping that we are right, that it was frost, and not a soil issue.

Time will tell!

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