Stay cool snd save money

Stay cool and save money with these energy saving tips:

1. At night, keep the AC Low or even OFF:

Try turning your AC down during your sleep hours or, if possible, use the "sleep mode" which lowers the output on a timer.

2. Use Window or Portable Units:

If you aren't into cooling your whole home, try using a portable unit to cool just the area you'll be working or sleeping in. The portable units use up to 50% less energy than a larger central air unit would use to cool off the same area.

3. Close Off Vents:

The basement is usually the coolest space, so try closing all the vents in there. By closing those vents, you're forcing all the air up top first, cooling as it comes down.

4. Service Your airconditioner:

Sometimes a basic maintenance is needed, or a good hosing out which cleans the filters and make the unit work better.

5. Check Your Ducts:

Make sure the areas where your ducts run through parts of your home without air conditioning (like the attic) are properly insulated. This will keep the air coming in as cool as it can be. 

6. Rearrange Your Furniture:

Move the furniture that obstructs air conditioning vents.There are plastic pieces you can buy for your vents to help force air in the right direction, but the easiest way is to just rearrange your furniture, even if only temporarily.

7. Lighting:

Turning lights off can help reduce your heat. Also openning and closing the curtains with the changing of the sun makes a huge difference.

8. Going away:

If you're away turn your airconditioner to "LOW", and make sure the windows and curtains are closed. The blinds will help keep the sun out, and keep the place cool for as long as possible. 

9. Use a " Fan":

Having a few supplemental fans doesn't hurt. Use them to circulate the cool air.They use less energy than your air conditioner unit, so having them around as backup is a great idea.



☆Special thanks to Sarah Smith 

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