The Trials of Selling a Home in Toronto

I currently have a listing downtown.  It is an older home, and has been empty for sometime.  So last evening I went there with a colleague to see what we could do to get it ready for showings.

It needs some minor repairs, and a little decorating and it should be fine.  However, the evening did manage to turn into a complete comedy of errors.  My colleague was running around the place changing light bulbs and moving furniture, and in his enthusiasm to get the job done, swung a piece of furniture above his head and crashed into the newly replaced light bulb.  Glass ALL over the place.  Nice, very nice.

We got that cleaned up and moved on into the kitchen.  I turned the sink faucet.  No water.  Ah that’s ok said my colleague, it just needs turning on and it will be fine.  He found the water point and turned it on, and yes indeed, water was restored.  We went upstairs into the bathroom to check if any adjustments needed doing up there, and OH NO!, someone had filled the toilet bowl with blue cleaner, and as soon as the water had been turned back on the toilet began to LEAK! Arghhh.  My colleague quickly found the shut off point to the toilet and switched it off, so all that was left to do was to clean up the blue goop.  Lovely!, and of course fix a big sign above to say do NOT use the toilet.

Deciding that the evening was turning into a little bit of a disaster, we decided to call it a night.  So we got all our stuff together, and went to leave.  I had the lockbox fixed to the back door.  Ohh not a good idea pointed out my colleague, if an agent is showing this house at night, they have to go down a dark alley way to get to the lock box.  You’re right, I said, but I am sure there was a reason that I attached it to the backdoor, however, it escapes me now, so I’ll change it.  There are two locks on the back door, a handle and a deadbolt, so I locked both of those, and put the chain on, and then we left through the front door.  Just as we were walking away I notice that I had left some lights on in the basement.  Oh dear!  So, I opened the newly attached lockbox and tried to undo the front door, (which also has a handle and a deadbolt) only to find that although I had a key to the top bolt, I did NOT have a key to the bottom one.  Ooops, I rushed around the back again, and tried to open the door that way, but of course I had put the chain on!!  Can you SAY locked out?. 

My colleague and I stood there like a pair of lemons and looked at each other.  Hang on, he said, and disappeared.  I can’t tell you how he gained entry.  I can tell you however, that is was in a perfectly non invasive way, and he caused no damage.  I can also tell you that, should he choose to change careers from Real Estate, to Burglary then he will do very very well indeed!!

Suffice to say, that re entry was successful, lights turned off, property secured, and a note to self to put a note on the inside of the front door asking showing agents NOT to lock that handle!!  Just another day in Real Estate………………..


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