When to sell - Tipping the balance in your favour

Its been a funny old year. Well to be honest it's been a funny couple of years in the world of real estate.

Last September, due to the economic climate, the real estate market died. We couldn't sell anything. It did not seem to matter how reasonable the price, or how fantastic the property or the location. No one was buying. It was a worrying time to be sure.

Then, in the Spring of this year, the tide turned, and suddenly, everyone was buying, with the result that there were not enough homes on the market to fulfil the demand. So the competition for each home was so strong, that it almost reached fever pitch, there were multiple offers on almost every home, and sellers were acheiving prices way above their orignal asking price, leaving many of them very happy indeed. This has lasted for 8 months, and since it has lasted this long, there is no telling how long it will continue and could be poised for a change.

Sadly I can not predict what will happen next year. If I could do that I would be a very rich woman indeed. However, what I can glean from talking to my clients is that if everyone of them who tells me that this will list in the new year, does so. Then the market will tip the other way, and there will be a huge inventory of homes, and not enough buyers to go around.

My advice is this. If you want to cash in on the current trend, then list your house now. Do not wait until everyone around you is listing, and miss out on getting an amazing price for your home. I know, you may not want to move until the Spring. Well, you don't have to. You can list now with a long closing date and have the best of both worlds. You can sell your home for a great price, and when the market turns around in the New Year, you can grab yourself a bargain.

So, give me a call, and list now, you'll be glad you did.

Kathy Webster

Kathy Webster

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